Emerging Economies in the Post-crisis Period–New Challenges, New Roles and New Models

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Collection of Papers


The Papers Contributed by Foreign Participants

Emerging Economies in the Post-crisis Period–Can Emerging Economies Continue to be the Main Driving Force for Global Economic Growth?
By Regis Bonelli

World Economic Crisis, Its Influence on Russian Economy And Implications for Russia from Chinese Model of Emerging from the Crisis
By Ostrovskiy Andrey

Vietnam's Model to Ride out Global Capitalism Crisis
By Vladimir Mazyrin

Emerging Economies: Adding Strong Points, Taking Advantage of Situation and Co-development
By Do Tien Sam & Do Minh Cao

How the Crisis is Killing One Asian Development Model, While Birthing Another One
By Jonathan E. Leightner

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Brief Introduction to China Institute for Reform and Development

Brief Introduction to German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ)

International Forum on China Reform


List of Participants

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