Hainan International Tourism Island

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Since 2007, China Institute for Reform and Development has been doing researches on building Hainan as an international tourism island. At early stage of this year, CIRD proposed "Advancing the Building-up of International Tourism Island for the Purpose of Internationalism (3 Recommendations)", on the basis of the recommendations, a research report named "Hainan International Tourism Island: Policy Requirements and System Arrangement" was formulated in June.

This Report has earned high marks from senior officials of Hainan Provincial Party committees and Provincial Government. Mr.Wei Liucheng, Party committee secretaries of Hainan Province, and Mr.Luo Baoming, Governor of Hainan Province, have endorsed on this report.

The report has nearly 100,000 characters, the following is a outline of this report.
1. Objectives and Tasks of the Construction of Hainan International Tourism Island in 5-10 years
2. Estabulishing a tax-exempt zone of daily consumed products---key step to highly open tourism industry
3. Improtant Breakthrough to open service industry----become the leading open area of tourism and related service industry
4. Implementing the stratege of green development----build up the first environment protecting economic zone in China
5. Pushing forward the process of urban-rural integration in Hainan----comprehensive reform pilot focus on balancing resources.


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