Research on the Mode of Emerging Economies' Development

Author:Chen Jinghua  Time:2009-05-19   Hits:0


On April 6, 2009, Mr. Chen Jinhua, former Vice-President of CPPCC National Committee and Honorary Chairman of CIRD board visits CIRD. Accompanied by CIRD Prof.Chi Fulin, President CIRD, Chen viewed the fruit of CIRD and held conversations with the staff. He gave full recognition to CIRD's achievement of the year. He also made important speeches. Mr. Chen belives that to make CIRD's development more sustainable, more rapidly and more soundly, the following three factors are very important. Firstly, we must have a group of talented staff; secondly, we should have a sound system and mechanism; thirdly, the research projects and subjects should be strategic, advanced and specific.

He also mentioned four reasons for him to think deeply about what kind of research subjects should research organizations select. The reasons are World Economy Forum, Bao'ao Forum for Asia, China Institute for Reform and Development, the Current Financial Crisis, respectively.


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