Pushing Forward Comprehensive Reform Experiment to Build up Hainan Internantional Tourism Island

Author:Chi Fulin  Time:2009-05-11   Hits:0


------Prof.Chi Fulin's Speech on "the Reelection of Hainan People's Government Consulting Committee, Science and Technology Consulting Committee and 2009 Annual Conference"

Under the background of International Financial Crisis, the construction of Hainan International Tourism Island should be listed as a national strategy. Comprehensive reforms driven by the construction of international island should be carried out to achieve the goal of Hainan's future development, thus to make hainan stand at a very important position whether in regional economic circulation or in China's development strategy. Prof. Chi mentioned the following two points:
1. Working hard to push forward comprehensive reform experiments of international tourism island.
2. Experimental areas of comprehensive reform will play an important role in national development strategy.


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