CIRD President Chi Fulin attends the International Forum for Open Global Economy

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On June 25th, 2019, before the G20 Summit, the International Forum for Open Global Economy is held in Osaka, Japan. This forum is organized by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and China Daily, co-organized by Asian Development Bank Institute and Japan-China Science, Technology and Culture Centre, supported by China Institute for Reform and Development, China Public Diplomacy Association and etc.

Prof. Chi Fulin, President of China Institute for Reform and Development, attends the forum and is the moderator of Panel I: “Promote global policy coordination to realize a more stable and higher global economic growth”, he leads the speakers to exchange views and interact with the audience focusing on the topics of open global economy, economic globalization, relationships between major countries and etc. The speakers in Panel I include Zhu Guangyao, Counselor of the State Council, and former vice-minister of finance of China; Matthew Pier Goodman, Senior Vice-President of Center for Strategic and International Studies; Martin Jacques, British scholar, author and senior fellow at the Department of Politics and International Studies at Cambridge University; Akshay Mathur, CEO and Director of Research, Gateway House of Indian Council on Global Relations; Guillermo Santa Cruz, Director of the Chinese Investment Monitor of the Argentina­China Chamber of Commerce and member of the Argentine Council for International Relation; Hannah Wanjie Ryder, CEO of Development Reimagined and a former policy and partnerships head for the United Nations Development Programme in China; Yarime Masaru, Associate Professor of Division of Public Policy (PPOL), Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Prof. Chi Fulin believes the upcoming G20 Summit will bring a great impact to the world. Under the current background of unilateralism and trade protectionism, openness and cooperation are the major concerns of the global community. Will G20 Summit reach consensus and have some breakthroughs on global openness policies? With the coordination of G20 openness policies, will there be new improvements for economic globalization especially the relationship and cooperation between major countries? Prof. Chi Fulin points out that in the face of the great changes which have never been seen in the world for the past century, China insists on building a shared community of human destiny as its pursuit of value, taking economic globalization as an important mission, promoting the Belt and Road Initiative as the main carrier and deepening its own reform and opening up, thus forming the concepts of openness, development and cosmopolitan of a new type of opening country.

More than 200 scholars, representatives of enterprises and media from 13 countries and international organizations participate in the forum.



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