The library of the China Reform Institute debuted at the 25th Beijing International Book Fair

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  On August 22nd, the 25th Beijing International Book Fair and the 16th Beijing International Book Festival opened at the new China International Exhibition Center. The China Reform Institute organized and published a number of books for publication. The "Revitalization Road - 40 Years of Reform and Opening-up Review and Prospects" series (13 books) published by our institute in cooperation with Guangdong Economic Publishing House and the "Revolution of Power" in collaboration with the China Workers Publishing House - a historical leap in promoting high-quality development "Building a Modern Economic System" and co-published in collaboration with Jiangsu People's Publishing House, "My Hainan Dream: 30 Years of Infatuation", "Planning the End of the World 30: Based on the Pursuit and Exploration of Hainan" and many other books appeared at the Beijing International Book Fair.

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