Professor Chi Fulin attended the 7th China Southern Think Tank Forum

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  On July 26, 2018, Professor Chi Fulin, Dean of the China Reform Institute, attended the "Seventh China Southern Think Tank Forum" and delivered a keynote speech entitled "Accelerating the formation of a new comprehensive opening pattern based on the potential of domestic demand."

  During his participation in the forum,  Professor Chi Fulin also accepted an  interview with the Guangzhou Daily. Kuang Xianming, director of the Research Center of the China Reform Institute,Guo Da, deputy director of the research center attended the forum. Director Xian Xianming made a special speech at the roundtable forum.

  The 7th China Southern Think Tank Forum was developed by Guangdong Provincial Social Science Association, Guangdong Academy of Social Sciences, China (Hainan) Reform and Development Research Institute, South China University of Technology Public Policy Research Institute, Zhongshan University Guangdong Hong Kong and Macao Research Institute, China (Shenzhen) The Institute, Southern Newspaper Media Group, Guangdong Radio and Television, "Red Flag Digest" magazine, Southern Finance and Media Group and other think tanks co-hosted.

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