CIRD President Chi Fulin Attends Two Sessions in Beijing

  Time:2017-03-07   Hits:0

Prof. Chi Fulin, President of China Institute for Reform and Development, is attending in the 2017 NPC and CPPCC annual legislative and political advisory session in Beijing. As a member of the CPPCC National Committee, this year Prof. Chi has put forward seven proposals concerning the development of Hainan, the reform of household registration system, rural land reform and the opening up of service markets. According to Prof. Chi, the government should create conditions for deepening the reform of household registration system and make sure that such a system will step down from the stage of history before the year of 2020. Prof. Chi also said, currently the share of service industry in GDP has surpassed 50%, which has become the first engine to stimulate the economic growth. Thus, it should be considered as the focus of deepening the supply-side structural reform.

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