The 6th China-EU Forum and the 3rd China-EU Policy and Practice Roundtable was Held in Haikou

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On July 18th, Mission of China to the European Union, China Public Diplomacy Association (CPDA) ,China Institute for Reform and Development (CIRD), and Friends of Europe jointly organized the 6th China-EU Forum and the 3rd Policy and Practice Roundtable in Haikou city of Hainan province on the theme of ChinaEurope and Economic Transformation: Prospects and Opportunities. The experts from China and Europe had in-depth discussion on economic transformation of China and the EU and other topics.


Mr. Li Guoliang, the vice governor of Hainan Provincial People's Government, on behalf of the Hainan provincial government, expressed a warm welcome to the experts and scholars who attend the forum. He pointed out that since the construction of Hainan international tourism island roses as a national strategy, demand for service consumption especially domestic and foreign tourists demand for health, pension, medical treatment, culture, entertainment tourism grows rapidly in the island; EU has unique advantages, advanced technology and management experience in health management, pension and other life service industry. Haikou and Sanya of Hainan province are twinned with many cities in Europe as sister city. These cities can be bridges between China and the EU to explore cooperation of service industry and economic trade exchanges, they will play important roles in expediting the process of trade liberalization between China and the EU.  


Mr. Ma Zhengang, vice chairman of CPDA, extended warm congratulations on the opening of the forum on behalf of CPDA and Mr. Li Zaoxing, chairman of CPDA and the former minister of MOFA. He believes, the forum is held just in the wake of the 18th China-EU Summit, the in-depth discussion on China and the EU's reform strategy, trade and investment, political mutual trust, difficulties and challenges provides not only new ideas and methods to deepen practical cooperation between China and the EU but also intellectual input to promote the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and the EU.


H.E. Ambassador YANG Yanyi, Head of Mission of China to the EU sent a congratulatory letter for opening of the forum. She stressed ’This Forum could not have taken place at a more challenging moment.’, ‘By bringing together a wide range of Chinese and European policy makers, scholars, think tank and business representatives, the Forum will prove to be relevant, inspiring and constructive. Undoubted, discussions and deliberations will generate insightful and useful thoughts and ideas.’


Mr. Hans Dietmar Schweisgut, EU Ambassador to China sent to congratulatory letter for opening of the forum. He stressed ‘Friends of Europe’s annual EU-China Forum is always an excellent occasion to exchange thoughts and ideas on EU-China relation’,’The EU is also determined to strengthen its voice as global actor and to be an active player in world politics. This was clearly expressed its voice as a global actor and to be an active player in world politics. This was clearly expressed in the discussion in Beijing last week and we have confirmed the need to strengthen our strategic partnership with China. Substantial progress on implementing the Agenda for Strategic partnership with China. Substantial progress on implementing the Agenda for Strategic Cooperation 2020 goes hand in hand with making progress on what I have sometimes called our new agenda, focusing on connectivity, investment and reform’.


Ms Islam, policy director of Friends of Europe believes that Europe and China will face new opportunities to deepen economic cooperation; Friends of Europe will continue to promote the cooperation between China and the EU to achieve a win-win situation.


Mr. Chi Fulin, CIRD President proposes that confronted with serious challenges out of rising trade protectionism, both China and the EU should take joint actions and avoid a zero-sum game. We should join hands to promote trade liberalization and economic integration. Both sides should not only set an example by taking the lead in promoting Asia-Europe trade liberalization and in building an open and inclusive Eurasian market, but also work together to guide the development of new rules for global trade and investment to a more fair and sustainable orientation. Chi Fulin believes establishing a China-EU FTA is an important strategic option for deepening China-EU cooperation, and it is an important approach and instrument in counteracting against trade protectionism for economic integration. China and EU should not miss the window period by 2020. Within this year or at the latest next year, China and the EU need to reach a framework free trade agreement, and specify negotiation targets, key issues in and time frame for negotiations, negotiating agencies and early harvest plans.


Mr. Chi Fulin and other experts believe that, to cope with new challenges out of trade protectionism, China and EU have to join hands and deepen their cooperation. In this process, think tanks in China and EU have no excuse to shirk their responsibilities. He proposes think tanks in China and EU should jointly research on new trends of, new challenges for and strategic responses to trade liberalization and economic integration; Should jointly study of key issues concerning to the establishment of a China-EU FTA; Continue to organize the Europe-China Forum well to strengthen dialogues and exchanges among think tanks with the forum as an important platform; To seek support from various sources and establish a foundation to support joint research of China-EU Think Tanks.



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