CIRD President Chi Fulin attends the East Asian Symposium of the World Forum on China Studies

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The East Asian Symposium of the World Forum on China Studies kicked off in Seoul on May 22, 2016. CIRD President attended the symposium and make honorary speech on “The 13th Five-year Plan Period: China’s Economic Transformation and Structural Reforms”. He pointed out that China’s economic transformation is at a historical turning point in the 13th Five-year Plan period. It faces both short-term pressing problems and medium- and long-term development opportunities. Against such a background, the key is to have a correct understanding of the general trend of its economic transformation, and to achieve breakthroughs in structural reforms with economic transformation as the main line. First, China should promote industrial structure reform with opening up service market as priority. Second, China should promote urbanization structure reform with deepening reform of household registration system. Third, China should promote “the second round of opening-up” with service trade as priority. Fourth, China should deepen government reform with supervision transformation as priority. He also stressed that China’s economic transformation and structural reforms are expected to create better market environment and bigger cooperation space for the development of other countries and regions including the Northeast Asia. 

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