CIRD President Chi Fulin attends NEAR Korea China Japan Seoul Process

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On April 22 to 24, CIRD President Chi Fulin attended the NEAR Korea China Japan Seoul Process and gave a speech in the third session “Economic Crisis Management”.  



              President Chi Fulin is making speech 



In the presentation, he pointed out the four megatrends of China’s economic transformation and upgrading, which are: first, basically forming an industrial structure with service sector as the mainstay; second, basically forming a new pattern of population urbanization; third, basically forming a new pattern of economic growth with consumption as the main driver by 2020; and fourth, basically forming a new pattern of opening-up with service trade. He believed that China’s growth is entering a medium growth period, indicating an L-growth pattern. At the same time, new growth drivers are gradually taking their shape and positive changes have taken place in its economic structure. He continued to argue that China’s economic transformation and upgrade is not only an important pillar of the positive trend of its economic fundamentals in the medium and long run, but also creates larger market space for cooperation with other economies in Northeast Asia. 



 President Chi and South Korean Former Prime Minister Lee Hong-koo  





Professor Chi Fulin receives interview by Maeil Business newspaper 

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