CIRD president Chi Fulin meets honorary president of KU Leuven Andre Oosterlinck

  Time:2016-04-07   Hits:0

April 7th, 2016, CIRD president prof. Chi Fulin meets honorary president of Catholic University of Leuven and president of University of Leuven Network prof. Andre Oosterlinck. Prof. Chi gave a brief introduction of the founding background of CIRD as well as its ongoing research projects including a joint study on China-EU FAT with its European counterpart. CIRD executive president prof. Yin Zhongyi gave more detailed introduction of CIRD and exhcnaged ideas with Prof. Andre Oosterlinck on China-EU FTA study, jointly building an international college, as well as old-age care and health management.


Dr. Jia Jing, executive president of Datang University, Ms. Gao Caixia, account director of Datang Telecom, Ms. He Dongni, CIRD vice president, Mr. Wei Wenfeng, associate research fellow of CIRD Center for International Economy attended the meeting.

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