CIRD experts consultative workshop on rural land kicked off in Beijing

  Time:2017-02-27   Hits:0

A CIRD experts consultative workshop on the theme of on “Establishing the Land Market under the Urban-rural Integration” kicked off in Beijing on February 27th.  Experts have had discussions on “Building a unified national market for construction land ”, “land acquisition reform”, "assuring farmers’ land property rights” and “revising relevant laws on rural land administration”.

Experts believe the reform of rural land property rights will facilitate better utilization of rural land resources, unleashing great dividends of urban-rural integration; it will create investment space for domestic capital surplus, thus forming new driver for the development of agriculture and rural areas; and it will create more space of domestic consumption for China's economic transformation, especially for the cutting off overcapacity and over-inventory. This would be a major measure to promote structural reform of the supply side in agriculture.

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