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Surmounting Middle Income Trap

                          ----China in the Next Decade

 29-30 October, 2011

Haikou, China

    Call for Papers  

In collaboration with China International Center for Economic and Technical Exchanges (CICETE), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), China Institute for Reform and Development (CIRD) is organizing the 72nd International Forum on China Reform on the theme of “Surmounting Middle Income Trap----China in the Next Decade”. The forum aims to convene a broad range of academic researchers, policy makers and practitioners for in-depth discussions on related policies and institutional arrangements needed.


Reform and opening-up in the past 30 years or so have enabled China to have completed its historic transition from a low-income to a middle-income country. And now China has started its new march towards a high income country.

Marching towards a high income country, China not only has a practical basis in many a respect but also favorable international conditions on the whole. Nevertheless, the world economic pattern and international economic order are experiencing deep and profound changes, and China still suffers from a serious lack of balance, coordination and sustainability in its economic development, which is confronted with many predictable and unpredictable risks including the risk of “middle income trap”.

Whether or not China will successfully surmount the middle income trap and steadily march towards a high income country depends on its reform and development strategies in the next decade for handling the rebalancing of the world economy, and to a certain extent, on the scenario of the world economy, on the reshaping of international economic order, and on the friendliness of international conditions for further development of emerging economies. But ultimately, the most decisive factors are absolutely internal, including its continuous innovations in development outlook, development objectives, development strategies and development policies, and more importantly, its systematic and institutional arrangements required by the all-round economic transition and social transformation. In one word, China’s successful surmounting of middle income trap will be finally determined by its continuous deepening of market-oriented reforms and reform of the government.

Tentative Topics

-            The Rapidly changing world and China in the next decade

-            China’s transformation of its development models and its economic growth prospects

-            Emerging economies in the changing global economic governance

-            China’s road to sustainable development and the required reforms

Call for paper

The conference will feature a range of keynote speeches and plenary discussions.

Those wishing to participate in the conference are invited to submit an abstract by 15 September and the full paper by 1 October for translation. Please note:

-             The first page of each paper should include the following information: title of the paper; title(s) and full name, institution, postal address, phone, fax number and email address of the author(s);

-             The second page should include an abstract;

-             The length of the paper should be 6,000-10, 000 words;

-             Paper is expected to be submitted in Word format.


For general information pertaining to the symposium, please contact:

Mr. WEI Wenfeng            +86 89866189083,

Ms. He Dongni          +86 89866189082



Venue: Haikou is the capital of Hainan province, the second biggest island in China. It lies on the same latitude as Hawaii. With pleasant climate, fresh air, blue sky and beautiful beaches, Hainan has been a world famous tropical tourism resort, with more than tens of millions of tourists from all over the world every year.

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