No. 68 International Forum on "Integration of Urban"-- -Rural Economic and Social Development

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5-6 December 2009

Haikou, P. R. China

In October 2008, the 3rd Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee definitely put forward that the fundamental requirement of advancing rural reform and development in the new situation is to speed up the formation of a new pattern of integrated urban-rural economic and social development by way of (1) accelerating the establishment of systems and mechanism for changing urban-rural dual structures; (2) vigorously pushing forward the integration of urban-rural construction planning; (3) integrating urban-rural industrial development and distribution; (4) integrating urban-rural infrastructure; (5) integrating the provision of urban-rural public services; (6) integrating urban-rural labor market and (7) integrating urban-rural social administration so as to establish long-term effective mechanisms for “industries to support agriculture and for cities to support rural areas”, balance allocation of resources between urban and rural areas and enable production factors to flow freely between urban and rural areas.

It is widely shared in China now that pushing forward the integration of urban-rural economic and social development is a necessary requirement for China to realize comprehensive, coordinated, sustainable and scientific development, and for building up a socialist, harmonious and all-round well-off society. And it is more emphatically stressed that an accelerated urbanization process in the post-crisis period is the key to the integration of urban-rural economic and social development.

It is also widely shared that integrating urban-rural economic and social development currently has the following priorities: (1) unify urban-rural institutions for utilizing and transferring land for the purpose of protecting farmers’ land rights and interests to increase their property income; (2) solve the problem of separating urban-rural industries by moving labor-intensive industries, agricultural products processing industries and other farming-related industries from cities to rural areas to create job opportunities for surplus rural labor force; (3) establish a universal financial system to guarantee financial services for both farming and non-farming industries in rural areas; (4) to put in place basic social institutions for stimulating rural consumption primarily by equalizing urban-rural basic public services; and (5) incline the distribution of national wealth to rural areas by deepening the fiscal system reform.

In order to contribute to further strengthen exchanges and dialogues between China and Norway, China Institute for Reform and Development (CIRD) and Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research (NIBR) are jointly organizing an international symposium on Integration of Urban-rural Economic and Social Development----Urbanization in China in the Post-crisis Period on 5-6 December 2009 in Haikou, Hainan Province, P. R. China.

Tentative Topics:
1. Integration of Urban-rural Economic and Social Development, Urbanization Level and Expansion of Domestic Consumption Demand
2. Decisive Role of Accelerating Urbanization by Integrating Urban-rural Economic and Social Development in Transforming China’s Development Model in the Post-crisis Period
3. Institutional foundation for stimulating rural consumption and Integrating urban-rural basic public service institutions
4. Government Responsibility for Rural Infrastructure and Institutional Mechanisms for Prioritizing Rural Areas over Cities
5. Protecting Rural Residents’ Land Rights and Interests, Increasing Rural Residents’ Property Income and Institutional Condition/Timing for Unifying Urban-rural Land Markets
6. Overall Planning of Urban-rural Industrial Distribution, and systems, Policies and Institutions for Transferring Labor Intensive, Agricultural Products Processing and Other Farming-related Industries from Urban to Rural Areas
7. Development of Agriculture and Non-agricultural Industries in Rural Areas, and Consummation of Rural Financial Service System
8. Government Responsibility, Performance Evaluation and Accountability Systems for Advancing the Integration of Urban-rural Economic and Social Development

Special requests for the Paper:
If you are interested in the event, please submit the abstract of your paper no later than 20 Oct. 2009 and the full paper no later than 20 Nov. 2009.

*The first page of each paper should include the following information: title of the paper; the name of the author, his or her employer, postal address, phone, fax number and email address of the author
*The second page should include an abstract of about 150 words
*The length of the paper should be 6,000-10, 000 English words.

Contact Information:
Please email your paper to:
Contact person:Ms. Shui Xiaoli, Ms. Qi Miaomiao
Tel: 0086-898-66189082, 66189083
Fax: 0086-898-66255035, 66258777
Address: 57 Renmin Avenue, Haikou, Hainan, P. R. China
PC: 570208

Venue: Haikou is the capital of Hainan province, the second biggest island in China. It lies on the same latitude as Hawaii. With pleasant climate, fresh air, blue sky and beautiful beaches, Hainan has been a world famous tropical tourism resort, with more than a dozen million tourists from all over the world every year.


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