2009 CIRD Board Meeting Opens in Beijing

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On June 27, 2009, CIRD board meeting was held in Beijing, former Vice-President of CPPCC National Committee and CIRD Honorary Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chen Jinghua attended the meeting, CIRD Chairman of Board of Directors Gao Shangquan hosted the meeting.

Directors present are the tenth Standing Committee member of National People's political Consultative Conference and Director of Foreign Affair Committee Liu Jianfeng, former Party Secretary of the State Council Development and Research Center Chen Qingtai, Executive Vice-President of the China Federation of Industrial Economics Sun Shuyi, Chairman of China International Finances Co. Ltd. Li Jiange;China Security Supervision Secretary Li Xiaoxue, Shanghai Petrochemical Company Board Director and General Manager Rong Guangda, Under-Secretary-General of Hainan People's Government on behalf of the governor, CIRD board Vice Chairman Luo Baomin attended the meeting, former President of Shanghai Baosteel Corp. Ltd. CIRD President Xie Qihua and President of NorthEast University are president. CIRD's Chairman of board entrusted Vice-Chairman Chi Fulin to execute the rights of the board.

The invited consultants are: former Director of Development and Research of the State Council & Director of CIRD Academic Committee Wang Menkui, Vice Chairman of National Legal Committee Honghu, member of the standing committee of CPPCC & Director of Literature and History Learning Committee Chen Fujin, Party Secretary of National School of Administration and Standing Vice-President Wei Qunli, Deputy Director of Central Financial and Economic Leading Group Office Chen Xiwen, Deputy Director of the Social and Legal System of the CPPCC National Committee Wang Dongjin, member of the Economic Committee CPPCC, Chairman of China Society of Economic Reform Song Xiaowu, Adviser of the National Development Bank Co. Ltd. Liu Keqiang, Chairman of the China Small and Medium-sized enterprises Li Zibin and Director-General of the Center of Civil Affairs Emergency Rescue Zhang Qunsheng. Besides, research fellow of China Academy of Social Science, Deputy-Director of CIRD Academic Committee Zhang Zuoyuan attended the meeting upon the invitation.

Chairman of the Board Gao Shanquan made the report on "Adding and Deleting Board Members and Advisers". The meeting approved the addition of Shanghai Huayi Group Board Chairman Jin Daming, Wei Qunli, Peng Sen and Zhang attended the meeting.

The meeting also passed "the Report on Several Issues of Sustainable Development" by President Chi Fulin. According to the regulations revised by Adviser Honghu, Qin Xinmin, Vice-President Yin Zhongyi made "the Report on the Work of CIRD".

The meeting concludes that CIRD has been playing an important role in China reform and policy researches and exerted widespread influence, the underpinning factor is its system of "Official background and civil ways", "Administrative institution and enterprise management", strategic, forward-looking and targeted research topics, independent and objective research style. In accordance with Chen Jinghua's speech in his inspection, CIRD carries on further researches on the newly-developed economies and China economic growth transformations, explores the development mode in line with the basic national conditions, discusses the source of funds from the non-profitable soft scientific research institutions; makes full use of resources in Beijing and sets up the branch in Beijing, and plays a more important role in the reform and development policy researches.


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